Can You Do Reputation Management in RepairShopr With Marketr Alone?

The short answer is no.

When initially describing as a service that helps IT companies secure more positive reviews online, a few have replied that they can do that just fine using Marketr. While Marketr can send automated emails to clients asking for a review online, that is where the functionality ends when trying to fully manage your reputation online.

There are 5 parts of our service that when used together create a powerful marketing system that will bring best results:

  1. Pull in all your public reviews from major review sites into one dashboard for reviewing, monitoring, and reporting.
  2. Secure as many customer reviews as possible using email and / or text messaging, workflows, and smart automation.
  3. Prevent unhappy customers from posting negative reviews by receiving alerts when they rate you poorly and give you the chance to respond and turn them into a positive review.
  4. Market your reviews by publishing them on social media and your website all automatically as new reviews come in.
  5. Keep your business information consistent and up-to-date in the same dashboard by entering it once and pushing it out to over 50 directory and review sites automatically for optimal local search rankings. (No other reputation  management system offers this feature in the same dashboard)

When trying to manage all your reviews and business information online, you can do it yourself manually, pay someone else to do it for you manually, or you can invest in a software solution that automates the process to save time and money so that you can focus on analyzing the results. Using software like will increase your chances of gaining the most reviews using smart automation, such as reminding the customer a second time or two to leave you a review if they have not responded to the first request. Or automatically sensing an Android device and automatically directing the customer to Google first since they have an account already. Trying to do the same in Marketr is not possible.

Even though Marketr doesn’t have the capabilities outlined here, and our current integration with RepairShopr is meant to complement, not replace Marketr and its features. Our platform does not provide stay in touch emails, or allow you to segment your customers by assets and send them a custom marketing message, for example. When used regularly, those are powerful marketing features.

Yes, combining the two services together will provide your business with two powerful systems that will elevate your marketing. By using the right tool for the job, you find more success in attracting and keeping more clients in your IT business.




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