Online Review Hack For Getting More Google 5 Star Reviews

If you are sending out review request emails to your IT customers, and are focusing your efforts on Google reviews, then follow this guide to make it very simple for them to leave a review, especially if you are segmenting your email / customer list by email addresses and sending this information to Gmail account users 🙂

Step 1: 
Visit google’s places id tool to get your id by entering your business name here: and copy the id#.

Step 2:
Add the places id to the end of this link:

Step 3:
Test your link and you will notice that a box for the review request pops up ready for the review if they are signed in to Google!

Super Hack #1:
You can stop there, or here’s how to make 5 stars pre-selected in the review popup. Close the popup and copy the entire url in the address bar and add “,5” to the end of the url. That’s it!

Super Hack #2:
Use a url shortner service to add tracking abilities to see how many clicks you have on the link, and then count up your reviews to see conversion rates!

For RepairShopr users:
Use Marketr to send out review requests and use the hack above to create your review link and supercharge your efforts!

If you would like to automate the process of getting more reviews, and track and manage them in one place, then consider using

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